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Long Range COFDM Digital Video Transmitter H.264 UAV Transmitter

Long Range COFDM Digital Video Transmitter H.264 UAV Transmitter

  • Long Range COFDM Digital Video Transmitter H.264 UAV Transmitter
Long Range COFDM Digital Video Transmitter H.264 UAV Transmitter
Herkunftsort: China
Markenname: Huanuo
Zertifizierung: CE/FCC/ROHS
Modellnummer: HN-361
Zahlung und Versand AGB:
Min Bestellmenge: 1pcs
Preis: Negotiation
Verpackung Informationen: Berufskartonkastenpaket
Delivery Time: 2~3 working days
Zahlungsbedingungen: T/T
Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 500 Stücke pro Monat
Ausführliche Produkt-Beschreibung
Verschlüsselung: AES 128 Videoeingang: CVBS+SDI /CVBS +HDMI
Modulation: cofdm Bandbreite: 2/2.5/4/8MHz
Videokodierung: H.264 Hochfrequenz: 300~860MHz, Stepping1MHz

Long Range COFDM Video Transmitter


H.264 COFDM Video Transmitter


H.264 COFDM Digital Video Transmitter

H.264 industrial grade cofdm video transmitter long range UAV video transmitter




Product description

HN-361 This product is our latest Mini HD-SDI wireless video transmission device, using the advanced video preprocessing technologies and efficient video coding algorithms, the device have refined on the improve of coding efficiency,reduce the coding delay,algorithm optimization,anti-ber and improve the quality of video,it can be used the lowest rate to achieve the best image compression.




1. Wide frequency response and low noise design.

2. Low power consumption linear design, improve transmit power and reduce nonlinear distortion.

3. Low group delay, suitable for digital signal transmission.

4. ALC maintains constant power output.

5. Proved by standing wave ratio.

6. Applied to single-channel or multi-channel UHF digital TV transmission system.

7. Support broadband frequency forwarding of HFC, AML, MMDS digital TV signals.

8. The wireless network coverage of digital TV can be realized at low cost.

9. Provide automatic and manual switching backup system.

10. Built-in shunt series power lightning arrester to prevent lightning surge and transient

11. Local monitoring.

12. Wireless remote monitoring (optional).




This product is widely used in high quality and high standard requirements of aerial photography,News, sports events, hidden investigation, video surveillance,real-time wireless video transmission and other field



Technical Characteristics

Model HN-361
Voltage DC12V
Current 2100mA
Video input AV:3.5mm port, SD analog video signal
  Camera:2.5mm port,external SD camera
  SDI:support HD1080P,720P,576,480,with audio de-embedding function
Radio Frequency 1250MHz-1450MHz,adjustable,Stepping 1MHz
Output power 20-33dBm, adjustable,Stepping 1dB
Bandwidth 2/2.5/4/8MHz
Encryption AES
FFC 1/2,2/3,3/4,7/8
Guard Interval 1/32,1/16,1/8,1/4
Encoding H.264
Modulation COFDM,QPSK
Control Mode LCD control panel to seting
Operating temperature -10℃ ~ 75℃
Dimensions 90mm*70mm*32mm
Weight 228g

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